Ind Barath, Andhra Pradesh, India

This renewable energy project was the first independent biomass-based power plant commissioned in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The project owner installed a 6MW biomass-fired power plant, combusting agricultural waste products such as rice husk, groundnut shell and coconut husk. The project has prompted other proponents to set up similar power plants utilizing locally-available biomass resources. The project utilizes biomass waste resources available in the region and exports the generated electricity to third parties through the state grid. The purchasers were previously reliant on grid-based electricity, which is dominated by fossil fuels such as coal, lignite and natural gas.

  • Currently available CERs: 49,857


Supporting the Local Community

The Ind Barath biomass-based power plant is new to our portfolio. Sustainable Development activities enabled by the sale of this project’s credits will be implemented in one or more of our focal areas (Health & Education, Sanitation, Clean Water and Comfort & Safety), following consultations with the local community to determine and prioritize needs to be addressed.