Kerala Wind Park, Kerala, India

The Kerala Wind Park is comprised of 13 wind turbines, each with an installed capacity of 0.75 MW. The total capacity of the wind park is 9.75MW. The Park was the first commercially-operated wind power investment in the State of Kerala. The project reduces greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by displacing equivalent electricity generation from the Southern Grid of India, which predominantly uses fossil fuels for power generation. The CERs issued for this project will also be certified under the Gold Standard.

  • Currently available CERs: 18,777


Supporting the Local Community

The Kerala wind park is new to our portfolio and had its first issuance under the CDM in the summer of 2012. Sustainable Development activities enabled by the sale of those credits will be implemented in one or more of our focal areas (Health & Education, Sanitation, Clean Water and Comfort & Safety), following consultations with the local community to determine and prioritize needs to be addressed.