NATL Power, Andhra Pradesh, India

This 4MW hydroelectric project generates electricity using surplus water flow from an existing weir built across Vemuluru Vagu reservoir. The reservoir was built by the State Government for irrigation purposes. The electricity generated by the project helps to stabilize the local grid and provide uninterrupted power for agro-based and cement industries in the vicinity of project area.

  • Currently available CERs: 7,568


Supporting the Local Community

Development activities in Hanumanthula Gudem

Hanumanthulagudem village is located in the Matampally Mandal of Nalgonda District, 180 km from Hyderabad (the state capital of Andhra Pradesh), and just two km from the NATL small-scale hydropower plant. The village is accessible by road. The village has a population of 1600, with a literacy rate of 40 percent. Thirty five percent of the population falls in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category.  The primary occupation of the villagers is agriculture. 

This village was selected for sustainable development activities due to its proximity to the power plant and the low income levels and high level of unmet basic needs of the population.


Health Camps

A health camp was held in Hanumanthulagudem in May, 2012, at which time free medical examinations, advisory services, medication and health and hygiene information were provided. A team of 19 medical professionals from the fields of general medicine, gynecology, ophthalmology, and ear nose and throat (ENT) provided services at the camp. More than 300 villagers availed themselves of the services provided at the camp. Thirty-two villagers were provided with referrals for follow-up treatment at a local hospital. The following day several villagers were transported to the hospital and back, where they received further examination and outpatient treatment of cataracts, free of cost.


Comfort & Safety

Lack of community infrastructure has motivated a focus on comfort and safety in Hanumanthula Gudem village. The following investments have been made:

  • A bus shelter has been constructed to protect waiting villagers from sunlight and rain.
  • A local temple has been constructed and is maintained, respecting the villagers' religious sentiments.
  • Contributions have been made toward installing street lights, to enable safe mobility within the village at night.
  • Contributions have been made to the local municipality for road construction inside the village, solving the daily problem of villagers traveling on muddy and water-clogged roads.
  • Support has been provided for conducting sports activities for youth in the village.
  • Two small bridges have been constructed in Hanumanthula Gudem and Appireddy Gudem, to help the villagers avoid long-distance travel around depressions between the pathways connecting to other villages.


Hanumanthula Gudem Bus Shelter

Broader Contributions to Sustainable Development

Employment Opportunities

The power plant mostly employs local citizens. This helps to reduce the migration of rural villagers to cities. During construction, about 50 skilled and 100 unskilled laborers were employed. Twenty permanent positions have been filled for normal plant operations.

Economic and Infrastructural Development

Grants to local communities have been provided for constructing public party offices in villages of Yathavakilla and Hanumanthula Gudem.

For the past 7 years the project owner has invested in repairs to an irrigation canal, which improves the availability of water for irrigation by arresting leakage.

Improving the Local Environment

By displacing fossil-based power generation and avoiding open-air burning of unutilised biomass resources in fields, the project reduces emissions of local air pollutants such as NOx, SO2, and particulates.