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Frequently Asked Questions

What is carbon offsetting?

Greenhouse gases mix quickly in the atmosphere, which means that measures to avoid emissions can be implemented anywhere with the same global benefit. Similarly, when emissions do take place in conjunction with a given activity, they can be compensated for – or “offset” – by eliminating emissions somewhere else. Many companies opt to offset – and thereby take responsibility for – their greenhouse-gas emissions as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

What are carbon credits or CERs?

The United Nations issues carbon credits called Certified Emission Reductions – or CERs – for qualified projects that can clearly document that they have implemented investments that lead to avoided greenhouse-gas emissions in developing countries. One CER is issued for every ton of carbon-equivalent emissions that a project has avoided. The United Nations program that oversees the process of producing CERs and ensuring that the environmental performance of projects is real and measurable is called the Clean Development Mechanism.

What are issued CERs?

Avoiding greenhouse-gas emissions through Clean Development Mechanism projects involves a complex process with many factors that are out of a buyer’s control. Buying carbon credits that have not yet been issued involves a risk that the credits may fail to materialize. We protect our clients from this risk by selling carbon credits that have already been issued by the UNFCCC. The credits listed as “Available” on our website have been issued: they already exist.

Can my company purchase or reserve credits from the same project for future or multiple years?

Some of our clients opt to buy credits from the same project – and thereby support the same villages – for multiple years. We sell our credits after issuance on a first-come first-served basis. However, should your company wish to pre-purchase credits that have not yet been issued, we can reserve next-issuance credits from most of the projects in our portfolio. In such cases, we offer alternative credits from similar projects should difficulties arise in the issuance process for the project from which credits have been pre-purchased.

Why are next anticipated issuance dates not more specific?

Due to the complexity of the UN system for assessing the environmental effectiveness of project activities and approving credits, it is not possible to predict exactly when CERs will be issued.

How do I know you aren't selling the same credits twice?

The United Nations assigns serial numbers to each individual CER that they issue for a project. Upon sale of a credit, we cancel the credit from the international registry account and provide proof of cancellation and serial numbers to our clients.