About SusDevCarbon

SusDevCarbon is a private-sector joint initiative of Cornland International AB in Sweden, Zenith Alternative Energy Ventures Pvt Ltd in India and Carbonergy Business Consultancy Services in the Philippines: renowned companies in the area of energy, environment and development.

Through years of collaboration on carbon origination through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Cornland International and Zenith have developed a unique model for feeding CDM revenues back into the local communities surrounding CDM project sites. We work selectively with CDM project owners that share our commitment to bringing development benefits to the people. This initiative is being extended to the Philippines through Carbonergy.

Our Approach

Our approach enables CDM project owners to strengthen their relationships with neighboring communities by providing a structure for giving back, through investments that make an impact that will grow over the long-term. We began working together with project owners and stimulating them to implement village-level sustainable-development investments on their own. This resulted in a wide range of activities, many of which addressed immediate need but lacked coherence and a long-term strategy. This has evolved into our current approach, which allows us to work with project owners to design and implement investments comprising a cohesive and strategic package of investments in the areas of health & education, sanitation, clean water, and village comfort & safety.

Locally-driven Definitions of Need

All of our activities are selected and carried out working closely with the communities that we aim to serve. This ensures a sense of local ownership. In addition, all activities include awareness-raising efforts aimed at maximizing and maintaining benefits in the long term.

A Long-term Focus

All of our investments are guided by a long-term vision: villages that we invest in should look different when we leave and remain so long after we’ve left!